Jay – Our Man in Bondi

Gusto Espresso Bar

90 seconds with Jay

Tell us something our customers may not know about you: I don’t know… Maybe that my name is actually Gajendra.

You are a Gusto legend Jay. How long have you been part of Team Gusto: It’s 12 years now, going to be soon 13. Maybe you need to retire me! (No!!! That’s a big definitely not happening from everyone!!)

What are some of the positions you’ve had at Gusto? Every job. I was a kitchen hand first when I started, then a cook, in charge of the kitchen, I worked on the floor serving customers, trained as a barista, now I’m a barista, I also managed Bondi Beach for 5 years. I’ve trained staff…

What Coffee do you drink? Me? Piccolo

Your go to meal at Gusto: Every day I eat toast with butter & honey.

Fun (or not so fun) fact about you: I drive 90 minutes to get to work these days. My wife & I bought a house but it’s far from Bondi. (Jay’s wife is a nurse & they have a gorgeous young son)

Where were you born? In Nepal, in Butwal, Nepal.

Any Siblings: Yes, I have 5 brothers & sisters all in Nepal

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