Niko – The Man Behind the Smile

Gusto Espresso Bar

Niko of Bondi – In his own words

90 seconds with @nikobondi

How long have you worked at Gusto Bondi? : I’ve been here almost 7 years now.

What’s your Coffee?: Me? A strong 3/4 soy latte with 1 sugar

Your Gusto go to meal: Oh, I always love having the bacon brekkie roll.

Your all time favourite meal: It’s got to be gnocchi with raggu. I’m Italian no?!

Something you remember from your childhood: A funny story I remember always. When I was a boy, I loved yo climb trees. I was 8, I climbed a tall tree & got stuck up there. Too high to come down. My parents had to call the fire men to come rescue me like they rescue a cat stuck up a tree.

Where were you born? Italy, of course! My home town is beautiful, Alassio in the North.

Any siblings? Yes, my brother who is a pilot for Emirates.

Anything else you want to know about Niko?

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